Working For Your Family, and Ours

On March 16, 2020, the Summit County Sheriff issued a stay-at-home order, and requested that all businesses, to the extent possible, close for business to the public to bend the curve of pandemic spread. Fortunately, CEO Attorneys was well positioned to adapt to the order, to ensure that our clients do not experience any interruptions to their representation as we work to find normalcy in our new world. 


In July, 2019, CEO Attorneys began transitioning from a physical, server-based practice, to a cloud-based practice management system. The cloud-based system enables our attorneys and staff to access any document or file that would ordinarily be available to us at either of our physical office locations. Our phone system was designed to be operated with minimal-to-no in-person use, and we have prepared financially to ensure the firm's continued viability in times of economic trouble. 


What this means for our clients is that business continues as usual at the CEO Firm. We continue to accept new clients, attend hearings, conduct mediation sessions, and prepare and sign estate planning documents. We have also adjusted our procedures to ensure that our staff, and our clients, remain safe and healthy as we ride out this unforeseen storm. We also understand that many of our clients are our friends and neighbors, and that our mountain communities have been hit especially hard by the shuttering of the tourism industry. To address that, the firm continues to remain flexible with clients as to hourly rates, payment plans, and reduced flat fee arrangements.


A few additional steps we have taken for your protection, and the protection of the members of our firm:


1. CEO Attorneys no longer accepts appointments or visits to our physical offices. At our Summit County location, we have a staff of two working on site (more on the firm's "Work From Home" policy below), who process phone calls, payments, billing, and other administrative tasks. We are fortunate in that we have a two-story office, and we have enacted policies at the Frisco location to ensure there is no interaction between our employees, including limiting their use to either the front or rear doors, one per employee. The same is true of the floors of our office - we have a first-story staff member, and a second-story staff member.


2. Other members of the firm, including the firm's attorneys, are now working remotely. We are relying on our excellent cloud-based practice software, as well as partnering with DocuSign, Zoom, and other remote services to facilitate any and all client needs. We have not experienced any adjustment of real significance, other than to note the firm has drastically reduced its travel expenses!


3. With respect to our staff, they have all (including those working on-site at our Frisco office) been offered an additional stipend on top of normal salary to work from home. We understand that for our staff to work from home requires the use of their utilities, internet, and the like. We believe that our employees should be compensated if the firm relies on these services our employees would otherwise pay for. Two members of our staff elected to remain working on-site, and out of respect for their convenience, we have been open to those accomodations.


4. Similarly, we have enacted an unlimited sick time policy for all members of the firm, including our part time employees. We do not believe that our employees should be forced to choose between taking care of their health, or receiving a paycheck. To that end, we have committed to a fully funded sick leave for any of our firm's employees if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 


5. Likewise, for our part time staff who are otherwise ineligible to participate in the firm's healthcare plan, we have extended healthcare subsidies to them, for care related to symptoms related to the virus or other conditions. Again, we do not want any member of the firm to make a choice between healthcare and finances. We feel this is an important benefit to extend to our staff, so that we may continue our operations as normal.


6. We have also remained committed to our part-time staff whose work can only be performed by working on-site, by continuing to provide their normal monthly pay, though we have asked them to suspend their work for the time being. The firm has extended similar offers to our vendors, such as our cleaning crew, and other on-site service providers. Our firm understands that the economy in Summit County is very much a domino-based system. For as long as the firm is able to continue regular payments as would be the ordinary course of business, we intend to do so.


7. For our staff on-site, we continue to provide meals from local restaurants and eateries that remain open for carry-out or delivery. Our fellow business owners are struggling given that the final weeks of peak season were pulled from underneath them, due to no fault of their own or their staff. In an effort to support our local business community, we will continue to patronize their restuarants for as long as they remain open.


8. For our clients, we have made numerous adjustments, including partnering with the above services to enable remote work. Importantly, we have kept abreast of major changes to law and policy. The firm continues to advise business clients, including strategies on navigating any benefits they may be entitled to under the recently-passed stimulus. Likewise, we have received guidance from the Colorado Secretary of State, permitting us to perform remote video-conference will signings. Particularly at this time, we understand that estate planning is essential. Prior to the pandemic, these documents could only be executed in-person. With the new guidance, we can continue to execute these documents, from the safety of all of our own homes.


9. We have pushed for each of our municipal jurisdictions to suspend court proceedings entirely or conduct them remotely. The firm began having discussions with our municipalities in February as to contingency planning for the worsening crisis, and through our early leadership, we are proud to announce that none of the firm's municipal courts will be holding in-person proceedings for the month of April. We have also taken a compassionate look at pending charges in our courts, and are making regular accomodations for essential personnel, particularly for truckers with CDL licensure.


10. We have established a plan for the future. At present, our firm continues to function normally. We continue to keep all of our staff paid, and like all business owners in the county, have pledged to our staff that will continue for as long as it is economically possible to do so, including by making salary cuts at the partner level, if necessary. But, the new normal is not without its challenges, and we will continue to improve our remote capacity. We will continue to advocate for aggressive social distancing at our firm and in the courts. We will continue to make reasonable accomodations for our clients and opposing counsel, as we realize the real world is in flux. With respect to maintaining our financial viability, we have prepared well for the situation, but will be exploring our own stimulus options, moving forward.


The transition to working from home and conducting proceedings remotely has been jarring, and has largely meant that we have less interaction with our community generally, on both personal and professional levels. Isolation, while the right thing to do, is still a lonely thing to do. Ultimately, though, engaging in social distancing, and changing our behavior to keep one another safe is a community activity. More importantly, it is community service. We take our service to our community seriously. That is why we remain committed to both continuing to represent our clients, and to do so zealously, while at the same time, adjusting to new and unusual methods of communicating, to keep us all safe. We welcome and appreciate your participation in those efforts. Our firm is here for you, and has been for nearly 30 years. We, like all residents of the high country, are not unfamiliar with hard times. And while they may be difficult to accept, we know they will end, and we will come out stronger on the other side. Stay safe, stay healthy; we are all in this together.

What Our Clients Say

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  • Brian
    Mr. O’Connor was very knowledgeable and professional in handling my case, and I would recommend him to anyone needing legal advice in the future.
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    I have known and worked with Courtney for years. In all my experiences with her, she has never been anything but professional, kind, and intelligent. She's always the most prepared and well-researched person in the room and is therefore generally one...
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  • Yana Welton
    It was a pleasure to work with Steven and Courtney! They are an excellent example of a group of qualified professionals!
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    Courtney helped me out immensely. I hired her to write a lease, and I got so much more. She advised me in areas that I didn't understand, was extremely thorough and patient. She went above and beyond what was asked of her. I trust her and am extremely...
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  • Bridget Bose
    Courtney Edwards was a pleasure to work with. In fact, everyone in the company was so helpful in helping my parents prepare their wills. It can be a dark topic but they were professional and kind.
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    Steven handled a Guardianship case for me, I needed to get custody of my grandsons due to an issue with their parents. He was professional, determined and knew what was needed to win this case. I can't thank him enough for what he did, my grandsons are...
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  • Kyle
    Steven was very thorough, made important suggestions and promptly answered any questions I had while preparing my will. Highly recommend.

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