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A guardianship case in the state of Colorado vests a third party with the care and financial control of
another. Common examples of guardianship proceedings involve adult children and their aging parents,
or grandparents or other family members, and children of parents incapable of caring for them. A
guardianship proceeding in Colorado is no small affair – our courts are very sensitive to an individual’s
rights, and by appointing a guardian, a court is making, in some sense, a determination that a person has reached a point where they are not otherwise receiving the care they deserve.

In some instances, this is a necessity. Many of our clients have aging relatives with health issues that
impact their ability to process financial information. Elder abuse scams are common in Colorado, and
can cost elderly individuals all or most of their remaining funds. By establishing a guardianship, the
guardian is vested with the authority to oversee a person’s financial affairs, including approving and
denying certain financial transactions.

In the case of children, many guardianship cases will involve parents who are struggling with alcohol or
narcotic dependence, and are unable to make good decisions for their children, or provide for them
generally. By establishing a guardianship in this context, the guardian is vested with a form of custody
(which can vary on a case-by-case basis), which can enable them to make medical decisions and
appointments for the child, or in some cases, to take actual physical custody of the child, either
temporarily or permanently.

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If you are witnessing neglect, waste, harm, or abuse to another, a guardianship may be the right legal
option to intervene. A guardianship process is a complicated legal process, which generally requires the
proposed guardian file suit, provide a credit report to the court, and other personal information so that
the court can be sure you are the right individual to appoint as guardian. Our attorneys are experienced
in the process, and understand what legal arguments must be made, and to what standard, to obtain a

Carlson, Edwards, and O’Connor is here to help. Our estate planning attorneys understand that the decision to pursue a
guardianship is not an easy one, and that if you are considering doing so, you have likely exhausted all of
your other options. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with a qualified legal professional,
who can explain the guardianship process to you, your rights, and your options.

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    100% satisfied! Steven represented me for a child custody case and he was very professional and very educated! Not only did he do his job, but it was also obvious that he truly cares about the law and your rights as a parent. Child custody cases are very...
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    Courtney Edwards was a pleasure to work with. In fact, everyone in the company was so helpful in helping my parents prepare their wills. It can be a dark topic but they were professional and kind.
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    Steven handled a Guardianship case for me, I needed to get custody of my grandsons due to an issue with their parents. He was professional, determined and knew what was needed to win this case. I can't thank him enough for what he did, my grandsons are...
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    Steven was very thorough, made important suggestions and promptly answered any questions I had while preparing my will. Highly recommend.

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