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If you believe your marriage can no longer work, you can opt for either divorce or a legal separation agreement. If you’re not sure what the difference between divorce and legal separation is, you’re not alone. As our divorce attorney will explain, the definition of the legal separation agreement is a process by which a married couple formalizes their decision to live apart. The legal separation is granted through a court order. Under a legal separation agreement, the couple continues to be legally married. 

What Is a Legal Separation?

The legal separation agreement is enshrined in Colorado Revised Statutes Title 14 Domestic Matters. The legal text covers all the pertinent aspects, from distribution of assets to custodial rights over children. Being legally separated allows the two spouses to maintain control over their finances while maintaining a relationship of marriage in the eyes of the law.

One important aspect that you must remember is that both spouses must agree to get a separation agreement. If one of the spouses disagrees, they can file for dissolution of marriage in response to the application for legal separation (Colorado Revised Statutes 14-10-106(2)).

A legal separation attorney will explain that this can be a good option for individuals who don’t want to go through a divorce for moral or religious reasons or who aren’t sure they’re ready for divorce. A legal separation agreement isn’t always a precursor to divorce and it is recognized as a separate status. An attorney from Carlson, Edwards, and O’Connor will explain exactly how to prepare the documents and forms to reach this agreement. 

A legal separation lawyer is your best ally in deciding what is best for you in difficult times   

Legal Separation vs. Divorce in Colorado: What You Need to Know

Many people wonder about the difference between divorce and legal separation. It’s important to note that under Colorado’s laws, filing for divorce or living apart is not the same as getting legally separated. However, both the separation agreement and divorce involve many of the same issues such as child custody and support, spousal maintenance, and property and debt division. If the couple can’t agree on how these should be split, the court will decide. 

However, a key difference between divorce and legal separation is that legally separated spouses can’t remarry. They are still legally married so for either party to get remarried, they would have to convert their steps to legal separation to a divorce. One of the benefits of a legal separation agreement is that unless there’s a prenuptial agreement saying otherwise, legally separated spouses maintain their inheritance rights. 

There are a number of reasons why people opt for legal separation vs divorce, including: 

  • Divorce has a stigma attached to their religious or social group
  • One spouse is ill or disabled and needs to remain on the other’s health insurance
  • The couple wants to enjoy the federal tax benefits extended to married couples
  • The couple wants to keep employment-related or military benefits which would be lost in a divorce

A lawyer who specializes in steps to legal separation can explain all the differences between divorce and separation and they can help the spouses make an informed decision.

Why Would You Get a Legal Separation instead of a Divorce?

Not all the people who search for “how to get a legal separation” end up divorcing. In some cases, they may enjoy the benefits of the separation agreement, while working on salvaging their marriage by counseling or taking a break from the relationship.

It is always a good idea to consult with a legal separation lawyer before you start filing the forms and documents for the separation agreement. An experienced family law attorney will openly explain to you all the potential effects of your decision to go ahead with the steps to legal separation.

A separation agreement may be the best choice for you instead the finality of a divorce

Legal Separation Advantages and Disadvantages in Colorado

So far, we have covered the advantages of a separation agreement – starting with health insurance benefits. A divorced person may remain on their former spouse’s insurance for a few months. In case of separation, this period can be prolonged. 

However, the separation agreement has several disadvantages. First of all, any new romantic relationship you form cannot be formalized with marriage, unless you go through the divorce procedure. Secondly, the legal separation cost is significant. If you are truly determined to end your marriage, after you pay for the steps to legal separation, you will incur a separate cost for the divorce proceedings.

Finally, the separation agreement is not a “shortcut” to avoiding a lengthy divorce procedure. The steps to legal separation take almost the same time and involve the same cost as a divorce.

Ask our lawyers how to get a legal separation and make the decision for yourself and your children.

How Much Does a Legal Separation Cost?

Getting a separation agreement involves filing and submitting various papers and going to court. There are various legal fees, including the ones for representation by a legal separation attorney. 

For this reason, you should take advantage of the free consultation offered by Carlson, Edwards, and O’Connor in order to determine whether you really want to start the steps to legal separation. 

Contact a Legal Separation Lawyer at Carlson, Edwards, and O'Connor

It is not mandatory that you hire a legal separation lawyer if you want to go through the separation process.  However, the laws and rules can change from time to time so it is best to discuss your case with an experienced legal separation attorney. In addition, emotions can run high throughout the process and most people benefit from the help of an objective third party. 

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